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Nov 28, 2014

I have picked up theme – What “My Job” means to me

Two year down the line, I joined Quatrro in 2nd July’12 with TSG WFM Team as a senior WFM analyst. During my probation period I had been mentored by my Team manager and senior management. I have always been in a motivating& optimistic environment which has always helped me to deliver and learn new things. I have been appreciated for new ideas and implementation, helping in understanding process level excellence. In Jan’2014 I was promoted as a Team Lead for WFM team. Being in Quatrro My Job has motivated in terms of developing Leadership skills, Discipline, adhering to Timelines, sharing knowledge & Punctuality. In short I would say Quatrro is one of the best places to work and enhance your skill level.

I always believe in team work and knowledgesharing.

I am proud to be a part of Quatrro Family and will always be best at my services during my tenure in Quatrro.

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Learning Experience in Job and in Class room training

Nov 28, 2014

Learning Experience in Job and in Class room training

There is a saying”Experience comes after Work”.The very first day when I was in my training room I was very shy because every thing was new to me it was the first time when was far away from my family and home town I was nervous and the same time I saw a man with smiling face and giving his introduction namely Nitin Sohni.
He introduced him self and he said I am your trainer I will be driving this batch and set his expectation to us and asked us for expectations as well. I was very glad and impressed by his approach as per my previous expiring I was only aware about how to be a professional and how to work in an environment where every one talks to you in a professional manner .
But it was a day when I learned some thing new Nitin had one on one session with every one who so ever were in training room I was like a stammer while giving my intro to him so what he did he said meet me back door once we are done with the first day of taring which means today so I did the same I met him and he explained me that I need coop up so that I will be able to prove my metal he said that I see that you the caliber and potential and you can do it and you just need a spark he gave me the courage and pat on my shoulder and the day came I was one of the topper in my training I broke all the barrios of my shyness and I was on production floor under supervision of my team leader Gurpreet Singh Parmar I earned a lot as my salary and incentives it was all because of my training the way Nitin helped me to improve my skills.
I am really glad to work and to serve for this organization. Now I am working under supervision of Amit kumar he helped me to understand about the thick and thin of the professional life. He works in team as disciplined manager and out side office promises he is just like our elder brother sharing his experience and makes it possible for us to perform.

“employes may come employers may go,but if there is a sincerity between them distance hardly matters”

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Life’s most awesome Moments

Nov 28, 2014

“Life’s most awesome Moments”

What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when the word “AWESOME” is said? Something grand? Amazing? Fabulous? Indeed.

Yet, I would say that for everyone, the moments with simplest pleasures are the most awesome moments in life. Sit back and think about these. When I am back from work, I am greeted by a wagging tail followed by a feeling as if I have been missed during the day. I’m sure everybody who’s a pet lover would understand what I mean.

Gorging on home cooked delicacies with family during a festival. Laughing our heart out or sometimes crying our heart out. At least when we do this, our feelings are being replicated in these actions. Reading a book with such dedication that the characters in the story become alive. You actually start relating to them, living with them. Praying in silence and having faith that our prayers are being heard.

Dancing like no one is watching. Spending time with an old friend.

A swing ride in the park. Helping someone who really needs it – no matter you know them or not. It actually renews our mind. Scientifically speaking, such things stimulate a part of our brain that is related to well being as well as helps us enter a phase of renewal.

Now days, we are so indulged in the rat race of being at the top, that we have forgotten to relish the simple pleasures around us. This thought makes me sad. However, I am sure that someday we would value these “Amazing Moments” bestowed upon us by God.

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Will the US banking system bite the Basel III bullet after chewing on Dodd-Frank?

Sep 5, 2014

The Federal Reserve proposed new rules on Tuesday to restrain risk-taking by the largest U.S. banks as it tries to make the financial system more resilient against future crises. By Reuters December 20, 2011.

The Federal Reserve came out with a Christmas eve proposal of new rules to curb risk-taking by the largest U.S. banks and 'future proof' the US banking system from the TBTF (too big to fail) and TBTB (too big to bail) banks making any adventurous moves leading to future crises. It is certainly not Santa Claus visiting with a bagful of goodies!

The Fed has thrown open the whopping 173 page document for comments until March 31, 2012.

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Will Bitcoin be accepted by emerging markets in Asia?

Aug 26, 2013

Bitcoin is the world's most famous and controversial digital currency now. Of late, we read something in the news daily about this ubiquitous cryptocurrency, which has evolved into a major subject of interest particularly with regulators. Bitcoin seems to be the next big thing after PayPal. http://bitcoin.org/en/

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